Thursday, 16 March 2017

Spring is almost here

With spring now upon us many people are starting to get their Triumphs out of hibernation and on the road for this year’s activities. We have just completed an engine rebuild on a Mk1 2000 with upgrades to fast road spec to the owners requirements and two unleaded cylinder head conversions, one for a Spitfire 1500 and one for a Vitesse Mk2. We have also had a few gearbox rebuilds this winter with extra work on one running to an overdrive rebuild and clutch replacement, crankshaft seal renewal and clutch crosshaft modifications on two others. 
Those few jobs along with a few suspension rebuilds, a couple of brake overhauls and the usual running repairs, tuning and servicing work for those who continue to use their Triumphs over the winter period have kept us busy during the winter months. Now we seem to be encountering a glut of water sealing problems, either trying to stop coolant leaking out or rain water leaking in! I can only hope that as the year progresses and the weather improves, we don’t get too much of the latter and that we get to see the sun a bit more this year. Oh yes and did I mention that we had recently fitted new hoods to a TR5 and a Herald?
We are preparing ourselves for the rush of annual servicing, tuning and MoTing which inevitably starts during March (it already has) and will probably reach torrent proportions next month, though hopefully not full ‘flash flood’ status. More next time. 

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