Thursday, 30 July 2015

Triumph Stag head gasket replacement (and other work)

Following an unbelievably busy few months, so busy in fact that I didn’t even have time to update the blog, things have settled into a nice even rush! All of the engine rebuilds have been successfully completed, another head repair/gasket replacement on a Stag with chains, sprockets and all that jazz has also been and gone and we seem to have had a few fuel system issues with various customers vehicles.

There have been a few injection problems on TRs one of which turned out to be a very badly routed and undersized supply pipe from the tank to the pump with another couple having injector issues. We have also seen 2 TR6s both with replacement ignition switches fitted which have been overheating and causing breakdowns in heavy traffic – one on the M25! This looked at first like an overheating fuel pump causing a misfire then cutting out completely, only to restart having been left to cool down for a while.

What it transpired was actually happening though was that partly due to the ignition controlled feed from the switch to the fusebox being too small (smaller than the original) and partly due to the fitment of a Bosch pump in place of the Lucas unit (the Bosch unit draws more current) and a couple of additional ‘modern’ add on pieces of electrical equipment, the poor old switch was overheating and going high resistant just to make things worse, until it failed to pass sufficient current for the ignition coil to function.
Once the true cause of the trouble had been established it was a relatively simple matter to replace the switch and fit a new 40A switching relay to take the strain off the switch so that it wouldn’t do it again. Until next time, ta-ra.