Thursday, 20 February 2014

Finished jobs and accident repairs to Triumphs

Having finished off a number of summer jobs and got them back to their owners including the Magenta Stag which had been holidaying with us for a very long time indeed, we proceeded along in the bodyshop with a couple of accident repairs – both front enders and both on TRs.

The first of these was a rather nice TR4A which turned out to have a bit more damage than it seemed at first glance and the second was a TR6 which didn’t – although it turned out that some previous repairs left a little bit to be desired and that on closer inspection it featured no fewer than three different shades of Triumph White (code 19) – match that!
Meanwhile, the other side of the great divide in the mechanical shop, work was turning to winter rebuilds. I really like these, you can get your teeth into them over winter in a way which is usually impossible during the rest of the year due to the laughingly referred to ‘quiet period’ – at least it’s quiet enough that you can get the job done!
There were two six pots, one a 2500S which the owner wanted re-spec’d to wake it up a bit and the other a Vitesse Mk 2 with a few previous mods which had stopped rather abruptly and needed a proper sort out before rebuilding. There was also a Spitfire 1500 which someone had tuned to a level that Professor Pat Pending would have been proud of. Unfortunately the current owner of this car had tired of 12 mpg and having something undriveable in traffic, so had asked us to do the opposite of the 2500S, i.e. tone it down a bit to make it more tractable and generally nicer to live with off the race track.
For those of you going – see you at Stoneleigh.