Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Almost Easter

With Easter fast approaching the anticipated change from a steady flow of spring servicing, MoTs and general recommissioning to a minor flood has begun with the usual “You know that thing you said would need doing by the time the car went back on the road? Well, can you do that too please?” requests being made too. It’s a good job we write all these things down as I for one would stand no chance of remembering them all from one year to the next, I can hardly remember what I did last week!

Apart from these jobs getting customers cars out of hibernation, all the usual stuff is going on too. I have just been chatting to a couple who have decided to have their Stag put back on the road after 30 years in a garage – that won’t be a five minute job especially as we’re still ploughing through no fewer than three similar jobs and can’t take that one until at least one of the three is done and back out there gracing the highways and byways. I am now well into stripping and rebuilding the engine on one of those three cars, a very unusual car indeed being a sort of TR250 but with a very significant difference and quite a story attached, but more on that later.

For anyone attending the Practical Classics Restoration Show, I will be on the Club Triumph stand rebuilding the suspension on a Stag, so pop along and say hello if you’d like to. For those who might want to know a little more about some of our own cars and history with the marque, Triumph World magazine will shortly be featuring an article on just that subject. Ta ta for now.