Friday, 19 September 2014

Vitesse Mark 2's

We have lately had several Vitesse mark 2s all in at the same time, with, at one stage, four of these – all saloons with sun roofs – don’t think that’s ever happened before!

We have carried out head work and suspension work on a couple of these. One had a nasty misfire and was down on power with no. 1 cylinder doing practically nothing. This turned out to be a crack in the cylinder head, which Colorado would have been proud of, necessitating another cylinder head to be acquired so that an unleaded cylinder head conversion could be carried out, with smaller exhaust and larger inlet flow profiled valves, and a bit of blending of throats into ports. We then added an extractor manifold, sports exhaust system and carried out repairs and upgrades to the carburation and ignition systems. All of this helps to make the engine breathe more easily, releasing a bit more power in the middle ranges and helping it to rev out more cleanly at the top end.

The other one was a much more conventional unleaded head conversion, with new valve guides and standard sized valves. We have also added Suspension work has been mainly overhauling tired rotoflex driveshafts, fitting adjustable, telescopic dampers, Superflex urethane bushes and new ride and height adjustable dampers at the front with upgraded springs. Getting all this lot set up then allows safe use of the extra power made available by all the engine work.