Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Stag Rebuild

The Stag engine rebuild is continuing. We have received the crankshaft and cylinder block back from the engineers reground and rebored respectively and refitted them to each other with new bearing shells, thrust washers and pistons. The cylinder heads also returned from having new valve guides fitted and being refaced and have now been refitted with new valves, all duly lapped in, new cam buckets and mostly new tappet shims too. These are all now back in with the camshafts in place and ready for refitting to the block just as soon as the paint on that is fully dry.

Meanwhile we have had the pleasure of gaining a new customer by word of mouth recommendation from an existing customer, and have had a look at his very recent purchase of a nice shiny red TR6. It came in with a misfire/holding back issue and poor brakes. The misfire turned out to be nothing much more sinister than a couple of recalcitrant injectors; the brake problem was mainly down to geriatric DOT 3 or 4 type fluid the colour of Newgate’s Knocker which had unfortunately had Silicon type fluid added to it! This took a while to suck back out of the reservoir and then flush completely out of the rest of the system, but some other things we found were a bit more problematic.

The principle issues were a distinct lack of weld holding the body mount brackets to some repair sections welded between the floorpans and sills and also holding the plates to the floor! Apart from that there were some alarming gaps at the rear of the sill to floor areas, two seat anchorages which had pulled through the floorpan and were in danger of coming completely adrift and some column stalk wires which were trapped by the channel designed to protect them. Luckily we were able to resolve all of these little problems and the customer now has the car he wanted.