Monday, 23 September 2013

A busy day!

When you are satisfied that everything fits, is welded and finished you can start to prepare the surfaces for painting. This involves cleaning the areas to be painted and then priming them. When sufficient primer has been applied you can then apply a thin tracer coat and start rubbing the primer down – which will truly allow you to see just how good the shape is. After making any necessary adjustments and re-priming, the whole surface is then cleaned with a spirit wipe to ensure that it is chemically clean before the colour coat is applied. Depending on the type of paint you use it will usually need to be left for a while to harden.

On this occasion it was just as well as this work coincided with the usual pandemonium which inevitably precedes the Club Triumph Ten Countries Run – an event involving around 150 or so participants (mainly old geezers), in around 70, equally old, cars, covering 2500 miles through 10 different countries across Europe in a ‘flying by the seat of your pants’ style over just 4 days.
The last minute type repairs included not only the by now normal engine tuning, oil changing, spark-plug replacing, brake and clutch hydraulic fluid renewing which we have come to know and love but also, on this occasion, cylinder-head stripping and valve replacing, plus broken engine mount-, fractured exhaust pipe-, blocked diff breather- split cv boot- and loose front crank nut- repairs. All in all, it was a busy morning and you can well imagine we were glad to stop for lunch!

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