Saturday, 30 November 2013


This month we have been mainly finishing off summer stuff and starting winter stuff. We tend usually to have a few engine builds and things of that nature generally to do over the winter months which can bring a degree of steadiness to the workload unlike the more normal pandemonium during the ‘season’.

The ‘previously interfered with’ TR6 finally got done and went back to its owner who now has a fun winter of recommissioning work ahead of him to turn the shiny rolling shell back into a car again.

We have also had a non-Triumph interloper in the shape of a ’63 Capri – all wings and wire wheels - belonging to an old friend, in for what should have been a week or two’s work (ha-ha, that old chestnut!) Needless to say that the tin-worm had been a bit busier than thought and ‘Genie’ spent a little longer chez nous than intended.

We are now just finishing off (hopefully) a car which has been with us for too long following a pretty substantial ‘put it back on the road job’. These are always a bit like opening Pandora’s Box, especially when the car in question is a Stag – more on this one next time.