Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Triumph Spitfire - 21 owners!!

The 21 owner Spitfire came and went and is now safe, usable, roadworthy and has a fresh MoT on it. We are now well into the busy season with our current lead time being around 3 weeks for mechanical and electrical repairs, servicing and the like, which is fairly typical for the time of year. The main bulk of our present workload is, as you might expect, servicing, MoT work and tuning to get the cars out on the road for the summer.
In addition to all of that usual work we seem to have had quite a lot of injection work lately with several ‘aggravated’ tuning faults, all seemingly injection based problems. One of these required a new fuel pump as the original replacement Bosch item had developed leaky seals and two required metering unit repairs or replacement, one delivering unequal volumes of fuel to the cylinders and one leaking from the control unit end and also fuelling unevenly.

Although these faults were fairly evident, it never pays to be too hasty in assuming that all else is well. One of the cars in question had two partially blocked injectors and were hosing badly and underfuelling, one had also sooted up four of its plugs and another had burnt out points, low tension wire and block from the coil to the points due to the absence of a condenser! The difference replacing/fitting those made was quite significant and the owner had no idea how long the car had been like it!

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