Wednesday, 23 December 2015


We seem to have been overrun by early Spitfires of late, two Mark 2s and two Mark 3s in fact. These have come in for a variety of repairs and associated work with one Mark 3 in for its annual pre-winter service and MoT plus a few minor alterations to the electrickery side of things to improve the lighting with some nice new Halogen headlamps, the charging with an uprated alternator and an additional 12V power socket for all those important little gadgets we have these days. The other Mark 3 was in to have a long standing and worsening brake problem sorted out and to have some work done to the clutch hydraulic system and steering. This ended up being a set of replacement brake hoses with fluid renewal, a new clutch slave cylinder and a master cylinder repair and a set of new Superflex Urethane rack mounts, one new track road end and resetting the tracking – that got it going where it was pointed, starting off and stopping – what more could you ask?

The Mark 2s were in for a list of stuff to be sorted on one including many interior trim and control requirements from fitting a modern Bluetooth stereo compatible with hands free phone technology to replacing the aftermarket steering wheel with an original Mk3 type and the control knobs with new ones showing the correct icons for their purpose. There was also work to the braking system, carburettors, one driveshaft bearing, the overdrive unit and a general check over, service and tune up. To say that it felt like a new car afterwards is no exaggeration. The other Mark 2 is in for a bit longer with a few paintwork issues and some welding repairs in structural areas being undertaken as well as some repairs to the driveline – more on this one next time.

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